Nadzeya Prasvirava, TIFF Blog volunteer: “Participating in TIFF is such a great and exciting thing to do!”

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Nadezya is going to be our in-house foreign correspondent for TIFF '15. This charming native Belorussian is living in Cluj-Napoca for a couple of months, studying journalism and film - so here's the perfect occasion to combine her two main interests. We asked Nadja to tell us a little bit about how she decided to become a volunteer, her former experiences with festivals and about her expectations regarding TIFF.

Frankly speaking, I don’t know what to expect. Seriously. I didn’t plan to volunteer at TIFF. I was just thinking about having my exams and then travelling somewhere in Romania. That’s it. However, life happened. TIFF happened.

Somehow in April I met Flavia – the volunteer coordinator of the TIFF Blog – it turned out that we have a course together at school. At some point during one of the courses, a conversation started about the festival, and I said that I might want to volunteer for TIFF. Hop! This is the exact moment when everything began. Flavia wrote down my name and coordinates, added me to a group on Facebook and provided all the information about the festival. When I saw my Facebook page that day I had already tasks to do and articles to write (and this one is among them).


Actually, the story itself began at my film studies course. I just wanted to ask the professor about another festival, in order to attend some workshops. However, he got the impression that I wanted to participate in such activities and started talking about volunteering and, of course, TIFF. In Belarus, in my home city of Minsk, I also participated in various cultural festivals – centered on theater, films and art. My experience so far was about translating workshops and discussion clubs for those who don’t know English and just helping around to make everything work well. (Unfortunately, in Belarus and other Slavic countries such as Ukraine and Russia, the majority of young people still can’t manage to learn a foreign language, so quite often I was running around like mad.) And so… I was listening to my film studies professor and things were starting to arrange by themselves in my head.

So I decided to participate in TIFF. Why? It’s such a great and exciting thing to do here! I am very curious how our film festivals in Minsk differ from Romanian ones. Maybe I can learn something and bring some good ideas to Belarus? Or maybe on the contrary – to suggest something new? God knows the answer to that question, I don’t. However it certainly be a challenging and interesting experience for me (and for you, too). So, let’s go!

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