TIFF 2016

SHADOWS OF FORGOTTEN ANCESTORS by Sergei Paradjanov – live performance by A HAWK AND A HACKSAW

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors by Sergei Parajanov  won almost every award on the 1964 film festival circuit and is becoming even more popular in recent years. After making a film that won awards in London, New York, San Francisco, Mar del Plata and Montreal, Parajanov didn’t become one of Russia’s leading directors - he became a political prisoner, charged with the usual things Soviet dissidents are sent away for. In the Soviet Union, nationalism and regional identities are still highly charged forces and Parajanov’s film is overtly regional: he celebrates the births, marriages, deaths and folk customs of the people of the Carpathians, their holidays and festivals.

Today at 20.00 we get to see @ CCS the movie “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, that will be followed by the music of a wonderful duo from the USA  - A Hawk and a Hacksaw. This folk band from from Albuquerque, New Mexico, is inspired by Eastern European and particularly Balkan traditions, and their music is mostly instrumental with occasional vocals, shouts and cheers.

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