Cinema Arta is a very special location for TIFF and also for the people who work here. A cinema that is more than 100 years old, the oldest in the country, that has run thousands of films over time and as I’ve been told is opened only during the TIFF. It was called Select in the interwar period, in 1948 it was named Maxim Gorky, and then switched Youth with Art. Once you are inside cinema Arta you can feel the unique atmosphere of this place, full of history and stories to tell.

However we are more interested in the present. Theea, the assistant of the location manager, is responsible for many things here: screenings, subtitles, volunteers, guests… everything as they usually say. When I asked how did she cope with so much responsibility and stress she said: “I love it!”


Oh yeah, she really loves it! She is so passionate about her job, art and cinema that besides spending all her time arranging everything she even managed to watch 30 movies! This is the record for me at this festival. Theodora dreams to do PR in the art sphere. She studied communication and PR at FSPAC of Babes-Bolyai University, and now is studying Art History at the Faculty of Social sciences.

Ioana and Bogdan are the members of the TIFF crew and work in Cinema arta as cashiers. It’s the first time for Ioana Volunteers in TIFF and for Bogdan his fourth. He took part in Full Moon -  TIFF festival of horror movies. Both didn’t manage to attend many TIFF events, however they enjoyed working in Cinema arta. “It’s fun here! We make jokes and talks – that’s enough!”  - smiles Bogdan. “Oh, I love our team! I like the people I work with in Cinema Arta”, - says Ioana who wants to works for TIFF next year too.

Bogdan is always smiling

Bogdan is always smiling

Charmful Ioana in Cinema arta

Charmful Ioana in Cinema arta


Luca is preparing Cinema arta for TIFF

Luca is a volunteer in Cinema Arta for the second time. “I have a bond with that cinema,” – he told me mystically. Luca decided to participate  in TIFF because he wanted to make new friends and meet interesting people. Sure Cinema Arta is a perfect place for that and I hope it will be renovated so it will remain being the spot where interesting people meet each other.

We are all in love with Cinema Arta. And we carry this bond wherever we go.
In the words of our friend Filip Standavid:
„Ştiu cã toatã lumea are treabã cu Firea (sau cu Boc), dar voiam sã vã arãt încã o datã cel mai frumos cinema de la noi. Vorba Dãscãlescului, TIFF-ul e altã ţarã. I am gonna miss it for a whole bloody year.”


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