The ZUM experience @ Urania Palace

The concert hadn't started yet, however there was a big crowd standing in front of Urania Palace. I met David in front of the entrance to the Urania Palace. He said that the Zum concert for him was nostalgia. When he was younger, he used to listen to this group and other alternative bands of that kind and then his music taste switched to indie, trance and ambient. I felt like almost everyone in the Urania Palace went to the concert to taste some nostalgia because most of them were young men but not teenagers (David expected to see some new generation to come and listen to the band of his youth).

And then suddenly they started! Loud, impressive, sparkling and cheerful! Based on children's songs their music sounds like a fairytail: "Be like a child..."

Trumpet, keybords, drums, guitars and very unique female vocals created an interesting mixture of jazz, funk and folk. Unforgetable energy and a great force one could feel from the very beginning till the very end from their performance.

ZUM - 03.06.2016 - Nicu Cherciu - 111-NIK_1727 - web

Well, for me Zum was quite an unique and new phenomenon - their wild and fast rhythms made me dance and I really liked the strong and energetic voice of the vocalist. Let's check the lyrics!


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