The joy of life & British Sea Power

A director taught me once how to „understand” that a movie is great: you feel happiness after watching it. That’s it. What I actually felt after the amazing documentary directed by Penny Woolcock - From the Sea to the Land Beyond  - is joy. The joy of life that illuminated the whole film. While watching the documentary I was looking at the audience from time to time and checking: there were many smiling faces.


British indie rock band British Sea Power accompanied the entire movie with their songs. Sometimes I closed my eyes and just listened to the music, because it was so poetic and good for dreaming. Many people have already known the band and came specially to listen to it. However it was hard not to watch From the Sea to the Land Beyond  showing the changes in British society from 1901 to this day - it took all the audience's attention.

From the Sea to the Land Beyond - CCS 5

It was a remarkable journey  through a century in the history of Britain’s coastline, made from archive footage from the National Archive BFI. One could find everything in this movie: sea and happiness, love and children, two wars and industrialization, youth and death. Everything is beautiful, everything is full of life. It was impossible not to feel the movie, not to sympathize people who were on the screen and who lived their lives some time ago like we do now. Sometimes you don’t need a time machine to imagine the past  - you just go and watch a great movie!

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