RetrospecTIFF: „Feeling grateful” – Nadzeya Prasvirava

photo by Dragos Birtoiu

From the very beginning, my TIFF was a challenge.

People. Many awesome people during these 10 days. I talked to volunteers, location managers, directors, musicians, viewers, photographers, journalists, cashiers, bartenders and many other nice human beings with names I don’t know. I should admit: I got really inspired by them, by their stories, by their lives. Just before the festival I was thinking that I would love to know more about Romanian people, to get closer to them, their life and routine. TIFF gave me such a possibility.

Honestly, before participating in TIFF I had no idea about Romanian cinema, I was not familiar with it at all. Here I discovered an unique and precious treasure – Romanian film culture. NOW I KNOW and definitely I want to know more about the great names I heard and their work such as Cristi Puiu, Paul Negoescu, Anca Damian, Alexandru Belc, Tudor Giurgiu, Bogdan Mirică, Cristian Mungiu. I was glad and surprised by the level of cinema culture here, in Romania, by the festival itself, how it was so well-organized and done with such passion and drive, that it’s impossible to stay away and not participate in this vivid and sparkling movement. This festival, actually, was full of surprises. Thanks to my job, now I am a bit familiar with contemporary Romanian music too. Well, I have become a fan of Suie Paparude, but I am still practicing pronouncing their name. 🙂

I want to thank our supervisor Flavia Dima, who coordinated our work and gave very honest and useful recommendations. She was the person who pushed my limits and even when I felt like “I can’t do it” she knew I could. And I tried again. I learned much about myself and gained many skills, which will be useful in future. Flavia did her best to make me understand that without hard work and desire to be better you won’t move further.

Looking back  to what happened during the festival, I feel deep, deep gratitude. When my international friends ask me about my experience I get lost, because TIFF has become a separate part of my life, something that it’s hard to describe in some words like “great”, “crazy” or “amazing”.  It’s definitely much, much more. Having some experience in writing, I should say that sometimes words are not enough...

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