“How can you describe what you enjoy?” The wild Kimmo Pohjonen @ CCS

“That was amazing! I absolutely adore him!”





You can put in as many words as you like to describe yesterday’s KIMMO POHJONEN’s show and still it won’t be enough. Kimmo is not performing on the stage, not „behaving” in front of the audience, he is just being himself. Wild, honest, brave, sensitive, ridiculous sometimes, creepy, scary, beautiful, natural…


We were immediately struck when we entered the concert hall. The work of sound and light was perfectly done by the Finnish and that made the show completely stunning. The whole performance kept the audience in awe and tension, it was hard to relax, you had to listen attentively.  Kimmo was dancing and trembling, Kimmo was jumping and doing some Tanzanian throat singing, Kimmo was grinning and laughing. So it was hard to stop looking at the stage, because he was in trance while performing and everyone felt the same and joined him.

This is what people like about Kimmo.


At the end of the show the audience couldn’t stop applauding, everyone stood up and  rapturously clapped and clapped and shouted… till Kimmo came back and played two more songs. People didn’t want to let him go.

“I totally enjoyed it! I have so many emotions – it’s hard to describe! I know him from his last year performance at the festival in Romania. I remembered him and his music and since then I have become his fan. Kimmo Ponjonen’s concert is a very special event for me at this festival”, - said one man after the concert.

“He is so passionate about his music, about what he is doing! I love it!” – added his girlfriend.


For some people it was hard to describe what they felt:

“I don’t know what to say… I really enjoyed it. How can you describe what you enjoy?”

I guess that true – it’s hard to describe what was happening yesterday in Casa de Cultura a Studentilor, you should go and see it by yourself next time (Kimmo Ponjonen will arrive in Romania again in July) and if you already were a a part of his yesterday audience, you can understand what I am talking about...

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