Garbanotas bosistas: the painter, the tour reporter and the joker

We managed to sit for a short talk with the members of the Lithuanian indie band Garbanotas bosistas who performed in Casa TIFF before they leave. We were curious to know more about their staying in Cluj, how do they get inspired, and finally why the bassist of the group is not curly... ?

  • Šarūnas Joneikis – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Mantas Joneikis – guitar
  • Jonas Narbutas – drums, percussion

Šarūnas Joneikis

  So how do you like Cluj and Romania so far?

Šarūnas Joneikis: We just arrived on the day of a concert at six, and after eight hours drive from Budapest (guys had a concert there - author's remark) we needed some shower and some sleep badly, and after that we went directly to the concert. Unfortunately we haven’t seen so much yet.

Mantas Joneikis: While driving to Cluj we took a wrong route and were lucky to see some small villages. That was interesting to see so many people in Romania live in the rural area. Actually, it’s out first time here, in Romania, and we are really enjoying it, but tomorrow we have to leave for Croatia. Our grandmother used to travel by motorbike in Eastern Europe and Romania too when she was young. She was happy to hear we went to the country of her youth.

Šarūnas Joneikis: Two days is pretty long for a tour so we are happy to have at least a free day in Cluj. However we will do our best to watch some movies and concerts of the festival.

Mantas Joneikis

Mantas Joneikis

At the concert in Casa TIFF you presented the songs from your new album Above us; what inspired you to choose such a title?

Mantas Joneikis: Do you know the well of light at the top of the ceiling in churches? From this point you can see everything what is happening down. When you are playing in a band you have to deal with many things, you should learn how to get along with other members of the band in order to create something good, to create good music.  And we try to follow this principle: to look at the things from a larger scale, from bigger perspective, from above.

So how is it going: getting along with each other?

Jonas Narbutas: Pretty well. It has been two years since we in this. We enjoy making weird jokes and have fun during our trips. For example these two (Šarūnas Joneikis and Mantas Joneikis) are actually brothers so they know each other quite well.

Jonas Narbutas

Jonas Narbutas

Tell us more about how all you met and got together as a band 

Jonas Narbutas: Well they met in the house… (laughter)

Mantas Joneikis: In a hospital actually. I saw Šarūnas through the window. He was in white (laughter).

Šarūnas Joneikis: Vilnius is a small city, everyone knows each other. And especially if you are playing you have all the contacts.

You really managed to charge the audience with your music, but what charges you?

Šarūnas Joneikis: It can be everything! A book, movie, just some quotation… It can randomly appear in your head and then you think about capturing the moment in music. You start to think how to play around it, how to translate your thought into music. Our parents used to listen to Doors, Led Zeppelin, Queen… This a great school from which you can just learn and learn… And now there is so much good music that it’s difficult to mention just some.

 Do you have other ways of expression except music?

Jonas Narbutas: For example, I enjoy creating different things, which pop in my head. For instance, I draw a chair and then I make it. And I am also into shooting and I am a kind of “tour reporter” of our band carrying two big cameras with me and trying to capture our travelling moments.

Šarūnas Joneikis: I enjoy painting and I made the cover of our album. After that other bands started to ask me to draw a cover for them too.

We know that from the Lithuanian the name of your group Garbatos bosistas means curly bassist, but did he change his hairstyle?

 Mantas Joneikis: Oh it’s completely another guy who played with us two years before!

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