District Attorney Jack Daneri said Fill had been offered a plea

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pandora rings Police said they saw a utility pole had been cut down, apparently with a chain saw, at the property. Fill refused to come out of the residence, police said https://www.jewelryuh85.top, and fired a shot toward an officer from a first floor window.Police also reported finding six jars filled with marijuana and a pellet rifle when they later searched the residence.Fill's lawyer, Assistant Public Defender John Bonanti, said the weapon Fill fired was a pellet gun.District Attorney Jack Daneri said Fill had been offered a plea agreement in the case and that the officers involved in the situation "don't believe that Mr. Fill was firing at them."In addition to the five to 10 year sentence, Fill received an additional six to 24 months on a third degree felony charge of criminal mischief for cutting down the utility pole.Cunningham praised officers for using restraint in responding to the shot."The police had come to the premises for a legitimate reason and your response was to escalate the situation," Cunningham said pandora rings.

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