An evening with Don Quixote of Dacia Panoramic Cinema

Yesterday the audience was given a chance to see the life behind the screen. Usually we go to see a movie and don't question ourselves about the people who dedicate their lives to this special place - to cinema. Cinema, mon amour tells us the story about people who make cinema a place where all the miracles happen.

For me, Victor Purice is sort of a Don Quixote, but not from La Mancha, but rather from La Cinema. Cinema, mon amour is a really touching documentary about his effort to save the old cinema Dacia Panoramic in Piatra Neamț because people are not coming to watch movies there anymore. He is really passionate about what he is doing, getting mad when something goes wrong, or crying when he sees that the things important to him are disappearing... Victor is 58 years old but he is so young inside! So ambitious! I am sure everyone liked him and his family  - Cinema Dacia. He is also very talented and artistic – very seldom I see people like that of his age. You should be naive and brave enough to go against the flow to save what is dear to you.

However… Cinemas in Romania continue to close down and the whole culture of watching movies is changing – like the audience itself, even the methods of making movies are not the same. Victor doesn’t want it to change. He wants to save, to preserve the traditions of going to a cinema to watch a movie.

Cinema mon amour 7

Cinema Dacia Piatra Neamț is not just a cinema – it’s a place were memories of his youth live, when people greeted him like a king when he was coming with a movie, when people felt like at the holidays when they went to see a film.  My friends from Germany and Japan couldn’t help smiling while watching how Victor and his wife gave blankets and made tea for the visitors when it was too cold inside. And the visitors are very important for them, always welcome, Victor is waiting for them to come to his dearest home, the cinema, and to forget about everything else for a couple of hours...

It’s absolutely clear: cinema is their life, their hope, their youth. People will never stop watching movies but the way they will do that will always change according to the times they are living. However, we will always need people such as Victor to remind us how it was or should be.

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